Bumblebee Drones is a Mandurah based aerial photography and inspection business that will travel anywhere in the state upon request. We are fully CASA approved and licensed and approach every job with a professional and "can do" attitude.As every mission presents its own obstacles, it's impossible to have a fixed price for services. Be it real estate, sports events, checking the gutters on the second story, whatever you can imagine a drone would be handy for, we've got you covered. So get in touch and we will gather all the information we need to give you the best deal possible. (And if we can't, we've got friends that can!)


Founder and Chief Pilot of Bumblebee Drones
Irina Thurloe
Assistant and Ground Crew


DJI Matrice 210

An undeniable workhorse, the M210 is as versatile as it is reliable. From capturing professional grade video, surveying, search and rescue and much much more, the M210 can be paired with a variety of camera solutions to match your requirements. With the ability to carry multiple cameras at once, and a flight time up to 40min, the M210 is THE choice for industry professionals.

See more about the M210 click here

Yuneec Typhoon H

The Yuneec Typhoon H is a hexcopter that adds the failsafe of an extra 2 engines, as well as the convenience of retractable undercarriage so the landing gear does not get in the way of getting that perfect shot.

The CGO3+ camera is plug and play and can be swapped out with the CGOET dual thermal and low light camera for night time and thermal imagery missions.